Privacy Policy


Butler Data Solutions does not collect or retain personally identifiable information from individuals for the purpose of selling, distributing, or sharing this information with any third party.  Any personally identifiable information collected from individuals will only be used to provide requested and or other marketing material to the individual.

Any personally identifiable information or other sensitive data provided to Butler Data Solutions by a customer will be held in the strictest confidence and remains the property of the customer.  Butler Data Solutions will not use for its own benefit, share, sell, or distribute customer’s data to anyone without the approval and at the direction of the customer.  By the use of our services, customers agree that a request for NCOA processing or any service that might include NCOA processing, gives implicit approval for Butler Data Solutions to use a USPS Licensed third party vendor to complete this service request.


  1. Butler Data Solutions will maintain Customer Confidential Information (defined below) in confidence and in a secure manner and will not disclose such Confidential Information to any third party (other than for NCOA Processing) or use such Confidential Information except for the limited purpose of completing customer requested services.  “Confidential Information” shall mean any data or information that is proprietary to our customers and not generally known to the public, whether in tangible or intangible form, including, but not limited to the following information; trade secrets; know-how; software; databases; customer lists; customer names, addresses, social security numbers, account information, and other customer data deemed to be “nonpublic personal information” under state or federal law.

  2. Butler Data Solutions understands that customers may be subject to a number of state and federal laws regarding the privacy of their customer’s Confidential Information and will work with customers to ensure compliance.

  3. Butler Data Solutions on behalf of itself and its officers, employees, and agents, understands and agrees that any and all customer information shall be held in strict confidence, using the same care as used in handling its own Confidential Information.  It will not retain copies of such customer information, and it will not use such confidential information to its commercial advantage or in any other manner except in the performance of its customer service agreements.

  4. Butler Data Solutions will destroy or return all Confidential Information to customers according to its customer service agreements or upon request.

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